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Access for upland hunting in Illinois was identified by an IDNR survey as the major prohibitive factor in recruiting new hunters.  We know through years of experience, that hunters make the best conservationists. Illinois ranks in the bottom 5 of all states for public land ownership.

Did you know that Illinois upland game hunters spend $106 Million annually on small game hunting expenditures here in the state and generate $28 Million in local, state and federal taxes.  They also support 1,489 jobs in Illinois so thank you upland game hunters!

Click here to read the full Economics of Hunting Report!

Rooster Record Book

Pheasant hunters across the country have long awaited a way to "score" their harvested roosters.  Recently Pheasants Forever rolled out a standardized method to score your long-tailed and sharp-spurred roosters so you can claim bragging rights with your friends.

Click here to add your harvest data to the Rooster Record Book

Download the Rooster Record Book Scoring and Registry Form

IDNR Free Upland Lottery Permit

IDNR takes applications for their free upland lottery each August.  The lottery includes 20 Pheasant Habitat Areas, 4 Quail Managment Units and 16 Upland Game Areas which provide a total of 600 opportunities for a hunter and his friends to hunt wild birds on those public lands on a given day of the season.  Applications and additional information can be found on the Upland Game Page of the IDNR website.

Many of the IDNR permit areas were purchased with funding assistance from the local chapter of Pheasants Forever or Quail Forever.  

Pheasants Forever Walk-In Sites

In an effort to increase the opportunities for hunting upland birds, PF / QF through our Forever Land Trust has purchased lands for habitat management that are open to walk in hunting.  These include:

1) Busby-Meyer Habitat Area (108 acres in Vermilion County) - this unit was purchased by Pheasants Forever and donated to the Vermilion County Conservation District with the caveat that it remain open to public walk-in hunting for upland game.  For more information visit the VCCD website.

2) Forever Fields (508 acres in Knox County, 2 mi E of Victoria) - this project was purchased by Pheasants Forever and will be open to the publc in 2012 (after parking lots and habitat restoration has been completed).  

Other Public Walk-In Sites

Coming soon a list of other sites in Illinois that provide walk in hunting opportunities for upland game birds.