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We're here to help.. 

At Pheasants Forever / Quail Forever our mission is habitat and we provide assistance (technical, financial and hands on) to cooperators (private landowners, land trusts, land managers and partners) interested in establishing or improving habitat for pheasants or quail.

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Technical Assistance:  (in partnership with the Natural Resources Conservation Service and IL Department of Natural Resources)
aka Wildlife Biologists trained to help you help habitat and walk you through farm bill and other conservation program opportunities like CRP with central offices in Galesburg, Bloomington, Gibson City, Effingham and Fairfield.  Not in one of our Farm Bill Biologist Service Areas?  Contact the IL Director of Conservation.
  • Brandon Bleuer, 309.660.3147.  Serving Rock Island, Henry, Mercery, Warren and Knox counties.
  • Doug Gass, 309.660.3971. Serving McLean, Dewitt, Tazewell, Woodford and Livingston counties.
  • Jason Bleich, 217.855.0496.  Serving Champaign, Vermilion, Douglas, Ford and Iroquois counties.
  • Brandon Beltz, 217.853.0801.  Serving Effingham, Fayette, Clay, Jasper, Coles and Cumberland counties.
  • Brady Wooten, 217.853.9621.  Serving Wayne, Marion, Jefferson, Hamilton, White and Edwards counties.
Financial Assistance:
Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever, with support from the State Pheasant Fund and Illinois Habitat Fund offer various cost share and incentives for cooperators who complete specific habitat practices.

  • Download a 2015 Landowner Assistance Application ***NEW 1-30-15***   (note:  funding is available for pheasant counties for projects completed in 2014, but all quail county funds have been expended in our quail areas.  2015 funding for pheasant and quail projects is available starting January 1.

Cost Share for:
  • Establishing New Nesting Cover (must include at least 2 native grasses and 4 native wildflowers)
  • Herbaceous Winter Cover (ie switchgrass)
  • Establishing Cool Season Grasses or Legumes (ie Firebreak)

Incentives for:
  • Establishing New Nesting Cover using a PF/QF endorsed mix
  • Establishing Pollinator Habitat
  • Establishing a Plateau Tolerant Nesting Cover Mix
  • Establishing the above habitat in an identified focus area (COA, SAFE, RRA, near a PHA/SHA)
  • Establishing at least 20 acres of contiguous nesting cover
  • Improving degraded grasslands (strip disking, herbicide, interseeding, woody cover removal)

Chapter Network:
Many of our 42 Pheasants Forever and 18 Quail Forever chapters in Illinois have the equipment and experience necessary to help you with your local project.  Some chapters provide both equipment and experienced volunteers, some provide just equipment, others provide only financial assistance.  Contact your local chapter to determine which services they provide (burning, seeding, invasive control, cost share, etc). 



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