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Habitat Help Page

At Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever, our mission is Habitat and we want to help you establish the best possible.

Cost Share and Incentive Grants
Pheasants and Quail Forever chapters in cooperation with the State Pheasant Fund and Illinois Habitat Fund, offer cost share and incentive payments to landowners for certain practiices thate create or improve habitat for pheasants, quail and other wildlife.  

If you have questions about the landowner assistance program, email the Illinois Director of Conservation Programs.

Order Seed
If you are ready to establish quality nesting and brood rearing cover for upland nesting birds, you can go directly to ordering seed.  Our experts have designed mixes that will provide the best benefit to nesting quail or pheasants in Illinois at a great price, remember, we want you to plant the best habitat and we understand it has to be affordable.

Not sure about how to select the best mix from your project?  Download our "How To Choose the Right Grass Mix" or speak with one of our Farm Bill Wildlife Biologists.  

Technical Assistance
Illinois is home to 5 PF/QF Farm Bill Biologists who have been trained in the various Farm Bill Conservation Programs and also understand the other conservation programs, cost share and incentives available to Illinois Landowners.  If you are fortunate enough to have one of these skilled professionals working in your area - give them a call. Please visit our Contact Us page for information on our FBBs.

ยทBrandon Bleuer (Galesburg, serving Knox, Warren, Henderson, Mercer, Rock Isand and Henry Counties), 309.660.3147

 Doug Gass (Bloomington, serving Woodford, Livingston, Tazewell, McLean and Dewitt Counties), 309.660.3971

Jason Bleich (Champaingn, serving Champaing, Ford, Iroquois, Vermilion and Douglas Counties), 217.885.0496

Brandon Beltz (Effingham, serving Fayette, Effingham, Jasper, Cumberland and Clay Counties), 217.853.0801

Brady Wooten (Fairfield, serving Marion, Jefferson, Wayne, Hamilton and White Counties), 217.853.9621


If you have any questions about the Farm Bill Biologist Program in Illinois please contact the Illinois Director of Conservation Programs.