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We NEED your time, talents and treasure to help us "grow LOCAL wildlife, habitat and conservation leaders for today tomorrow and forever."

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There is a good chance if you live in the pheasant or quail range of Illinois, there is a local chapter waiting for you to get involved and if there isn't a local chapter, you can help us start one in your area.

We believe volunteering should be a rewarding experience and know you will have the opportunity to make a difference in your local community through habitat projects and youth conservation education.

Please consider sharing your time, talents and energy with us to help the birds.  Contact Dick Wyatt, regional representative, to get involved in northern Illinois or to get involved in a chapter in southern or central Illinois, Contact Tim Caughran, regional wildlife biologist.


Some organizations like to "talk" about their values, but at Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever, we like to say you can walk around on ours.  
A 2005 report found the transfer of wealth in Illinois would be $1.36 Trillion over the next 50 years.  Much of this wealth is currently invested in family homes and farms, retirement accounts and other appreciated assets, some of which may be heavily taxed if passed to heirs.  

If 1/100th of 1% of that wealth transfer were captured to support wildlife habitat, clean water and a healthy environment it could support an endowment that would provide an estimated $5 Million annually.  

Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever want to help those who share our passion for wildlife and the great outdoors leave a lasting legacy.  If you would like to help us do more for wildlife and their habitat in Illinois, please consider one of the following:
  1. Designate Pheasants Forever or Quail Forever as the beneficiary of your IRA, 401(k) or other retirement account (these assets can lose up to 70% of their value when passed to heirs; changing the beneficiary does not involve modifying your estate plan).

  2. Designate Pheasants Forever or Quail Forever as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy.

  3. Ask your attorney to add Pheasants Forever or Quail Forever to your estate plan

  4. ...or give us a call to find out how to make your donation today!

You can also talk to the IL Director of Conservation programs regarding your donation by calling 217-341-7171 or by sending an email.  

We have several state programs for donors to consider depending on their passions.

Build A Wildlife Area (BAWA) Program
Illinois is dead last in public lands per capita.  According to a survey of hunters, access is the top challenge facing upland hunters.  We need more public lands to grow wildlife habitat and provide opportunity for upland hunting and other compatible uses such as birding.

Farm Bill Biologists (FBB) Program
The federal farm bill provides more dollars and more acres of wildlife habitat than we can ever hope to do as a state or as an organization.  FBBs are trained professionals who work with landowners to help them enroll in these programs and establish high quality habitat.  

Forever Shooting Sports (FSS) Endowment
We want to provide youth with the opportunity to get outdoors and pull the triggor.  A $250 contribution to the FSS endowment will provide 1 box of shells each year for youth participating in this program.

Illinois Conservation Advocacy (iCAP) Program
Policy has a bigger effect on habitat and hunting than anything else.  Whether its CRP or protecting the state pheasant stamp, we are involved in advocating for issues important to hunters, conservationists and wildlife in Illinois.  We need funds to host Rallys at the Capital, educational legislator events and conduct visits with our state legislators and congressmen both in Illinois and in DC.  

Leverage and Leadership
We are the most efficient conservation organization and use wildlife professionals to write, coordinate and administer grants which leverage locally raised dollars to accelarate what we can do for habitat and youth conservation.  We depend on unrestricted dollars to grow our ability to increase this project funding.  These flexible dollars can also be used to grow new state programs.